Catering can assist you in placing your order at (801) 626-6323 or email Jason Sample, Director of Catering.

Any Shepherd Union restaurant,  The Den, The Store, 626 Marketplace, It's A Wrap, and Starbucks will accept Dining Dollars.

*All dining dollars for student plans expire at the end of the spring semester.*

They are carried over from the fall to the spring when a new meal plan is purchased in the spring. They are not carried over from year to year, as all dining dollars for student plans expires at the end of the spring semester. They do not expire for faculty/staff members.

If you live off-campus, you can purchase a traditional meal plan at the Information Desk in the Shepherd Union or online.

If you live on campus and have a meal plan, you can use your meal swipes at multiple locations, including The Den, our location made for resident diners, Waldo's Cheesie Grill, and others. See the full list of locations here.

That depends on the meal plan that you are on. It can be anywhere between 7 to 19 per week, unless you are on a block plan.

Students are allotted one meal swipe per meal period. The meal periods are as follows;
Monday-Friday, Breakfast is 7am-10am, Lunch is 10am-5pm, and Dinner is 5pm-9pm
Saturday-Sunday, Brunch is 11am-1pm, Dinner is 5pm-8pm.
Yes, simply head to your Weber E-portal, type "wildcat cash" in the search bar and click the drop down. You can also visit any of our locations and we can provide you with a print up with your account information.

We are always available to discuss a personalized program to make sure your dining experience is delicious, nutritious and safe. Visit in person at the Dining Services office in the Shepherd Union or call (801)626-6323 to get started. We would love to meet you and discuss your options.

Sodexo's Bite App is free to download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and provides you with the most up to date menus for our dining locations, as well as information about promotions, dietary and calorie information, and much more!(Available Fall 2021)

You can also check our website and find full menus for select locations.

if you are looking for menus for The Den, they are uploaded on Facebook and Instagram. Give us a like and and follow!